Amazing Facts videos:

  • Return of the Cosmic King February 19, 2017
    God's people were not ready the first time He came. Could it happen again?
  • Together for Life, Pt. 2 February 12, 2017
    Marriage is one of the most important covenants we can make. It is a public commitment before God. Part 2
  • The RESToration of Life February 5, 2017
    We should worship God every day. What is different about Sabbath? What is "Sabbath rest"?
  • Inside the Lost Ark January 29, 2017
    The greatest treasure inside the ark was God’s word, which we have today in the Bible. We are not saved by the law, but it is through knowing the law that we know what sin is. Laws do not restrict our freedom, they protect our freedom. It is by this law that we are ultimately judged.
  • Death Delusions January 22, 2017
    What happens to people when they die? We don't need to be afraid of death. Recorded in Australia in 2009.

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