Offline Resources

There are many resources outside of the internet which provide a means to learn more and enrich your life. You may find a few here:

3ABN: Broadcasting which provides the Adventist message worldwide in a variety of formats. 3ABN can be watched on Dish Network (channel 9393), heard on the radio (KOBT 101.3 FM in Grand Forks), or can be watched online by clicking here.


KOBT 101.3 FM: This radio station, which is hosted by the Grand Forks Seventh-day Adventist Church, broadcasts 3ABN (Three Angels Broadcasting Network) 24 hours a day to Grand Forks and surrounding areas.


The Writings of Ellen White: Ellen White is an important person in the Adventist religion and her writings are considered to be inspired by God. Her most popular work, The Great Controversy, addresses critical questions about the end times. You can find these books at an Adventist Book Center. Additionally, if you would like to read her writings online, they are available here. (Click ebooks in the top heading and filter in the left column.)