Church Cancellation – October 12

The church will be closed on Sabbath, October 12,
due to the weather.

Church Cancellation – January 13

The National Weather Service is calling for extreme and dangerous wind chills for tomorrow morning. The Elders have decided to close the church and cancel services for tomorrow, January 13th. Have a Happy Sabbath. Stay safe and warm.

Church Cancellation – December 30

The church will be closed tomorrow, December 30th, due to the cold temperatures and the dangerous wind chills expected. Have a safe and blessed Sabbath!

Church Cancellation Notice


From Pastor Mike Temple – A note to all Grand Forks church members. The
weather service is calling for blizzards with extreme cold over the next
24 hours. (We’re already getting sleet at our home). After church
leadership has counseled together, we are united in our decision to
close the Grand Forks Church for tomorrow, January 4th.
With the advanced possibility for extreme weather, we need to get the
word out to as many people as we possibly can. Could you please assist
us in doing that by calling whomever you think might not see this
Thank-you and have a safe and blessed Sabbath in the comfort of your homes. May God bless you as you rest.