Amazing Facts videos:

  • When a Christian Falls April 28, 2019
    The devil attacks stragglers, those who are on the edge of living a Christian life.
  • Ultimate Sacrifice April 21, 2019
    There are some things that God cannot do. He cannot lie and He cannot find a sinner He doesn't love. Jesus wants us to know "I wouldn't have gone through everything I went through if it wasn't possible for you to make it."
  • Can the Saved Be Lost? April 14, 2019
    Can a saved person be lost?
  • The Hero of Revelation, Pt. 2 April 7, 2019
    The book of Revelation is about Jesus. He is the central figure and hero. Part 2 of 2
  • Luther and the Reformation - Why it Still Matters April 7, 2019
    Do we still need spiritual reformation? The whole basis of the Protestant Reformation is evaporating. None of the issues that the reformers protested against have changed. God is looking for people who will speak up boldly and say “This is what the Bible says, it doesn’t matter what the world is doing.”

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