Amazing Facts videos:

  • Seven Steps to Experience the Presence of God August 1, 2021
    We have been separated from God because of our sin. God created us to be with Him. The plan of salvation is about how to get back into the presence of God.
  • Coping Through Tough Times July 4, 2021
    How can we triumph despite our trials? Why does God allow difficult things to happen?
  • Surviving the Great Tribulation June 27, 2021
    Jesus said there will be a time of great trouble before He comes again. Do not worry about getting through it. He promised to be with us.
  • How to Find Deliverance from Debt June 20, 2021
    Does God care how we manage our money? The Bible has over 500 verses about finances and property. Of the 38 parables Jesus told, 16 of them are about faithful management of money.
  • Can You Prove That God Exists? June 6, 2021
    Can we prove that God does exist?