Amazing Facts videos:

  • Can the Saved Be Lost? July 3, 2022
    Can a saved person be lost?
  • The Devil's Dungeon June 26, 2022
    There will be a time when Satan will be bound on this planet with no one to tempt or manipulate. This is part of the Panorama of Prophecy series.
  • The Supreme Sacrifice June 19, 2022
    God promised Abraham that through his son all the nations of this world would be blessed. When God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac - the son of promise - He provided a ram to be sacrificed in Isaac's place. In the same way, God gave His Son to stand in our place as a sacrifice for sin.
  • Spiritual Imposters June 12, 2022
    What does the Bible say about death and spirits?
  • Proving the Prophets June 5, 2022
    What is prophecy? Are there prophets? Can we believe what the Bible says about the future? How do we know between true and false prophets?