Amazing Facts videos:

  • History's Holy Hoax November 19, 2017
    The Sabbath is a weekly celebration of our loving Creator. Mankind has tried to change His holy day from Saturday to Sunday.
  • Laws of Love and Liberty November 12, 2017
    Our lives are regulated every day by law. The laws are there to protect your liberty and that's also true of the law of God. While we are not saved by the law, we cannot be convicted of our sin without knowing the law.
  • How Perfect Should a Christian Be? November 5, 2017
    When we think about perfection and Christianity there are a lot of misconceptions. While some Scriptures indicate we are to be perfect, there are many other passages that show how we are all corrupt. Imperfect Bible characters were called perfect. Are we expected to be perfect?
  • Bewitching Spirits October 29, 2017
    No one in the Bible who is resurrected, ever makes a single comment about knowing or experiencing anything while dead. The idea that people die and go right to Heaven and get immortality before the Resurrection is not what the Bible teaches.
  • Bowing to the Beast October 22, 2017
    In the last days on this earth the devil is going to tell us to change one of God's commandments. We are going to have to choose between obeying God and obeying men.

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