Amazing Facts videos:

  • Babylon's Buffet October 27, 2019
    We worship God with both our mind and our body. When our mind is clear and our body is healthy it is easier to serve God and to resist the devil.
  • The Magnificent Kingdom October 20, 2019
    What will Heaven be like? God is preparing a glorious kingdom for us.
  • Broken Chains October 14, 2019
    Why would a loving God make a devil and how can we be protected from evil?
  • Deadly Visions October 13, 2019
    Is it possible to talk to dead people? Is it dangerous? Can dead people even talk and if not, who are people talking to when communicating with the deceased?
  • Who Is Jesus? October 6, 2019
    Who is Jesus? Did God really come to Earth in the form of a man to save us?

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