Amazing Facts videos:

  • The Final War Over Worship June 2, 2019
    Prophecies show that the final war of the world will be about worship. Prophecies teach us to trust the Bible and to know that God has plans for our salvation. We do not need to be afraid.
  • The Rest of Our Work, Pt. 2 May 26, 2019
    Real love requires time. That is why after God made the world in six days, He made one more day for a special relationship time between God the Creator and His creatures. Part 2 of 2.
  • The Law of the Lamb, Pt. 2 May 26, 2019
    How do Christians relate to the Ten Commandments without being legalists? Is obedience "legalism"? Part 2 of 2
  • The Good News About Hell, Pt. 1 May 19, 2019
    The traditional view of hell is not what is taught in the Old Testament, or the New Testament, or believed by the early Church. It has been distorted through the dark ages and exploited by the church to drive people by fear.
  • The Villain of Revelation, Pt. 2 May 19, 2019
    If God is all-powerful, why did He even make an angel that could become a devil? Part 2 of 2

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